Custom Fitness Programs

I design Fitness Programs for adults to create healthy habits for long-term weight loss and nutrition success. I love partnering with businesses to provide educational workout and nutrition tools to create a healthier and more productive workforce. And as a Mom of two girls, I love working with Kids to build a love for movement and fitness through dance.


Adult Programs



Physical inactivity is the #4 Killer worldwide*. Sitting is the new smoking. We have made strides in improving the smoking crisis but not so much in improving inactivity. And I am passionate about doing my part by designing Fitness programs to meet workout type preference, based on how busy you are and your goals. You can have a personalized custom program or choose from 1 of 3 programs:

  • Virtual one-on-one workout Program.

  • In-person group fitness workout Program.

  • Self-guided workout Program -- to do at home or at a gym with detailed workout planner and YouTube videos.

First complimentary consult, Nutrition guidance and Accountability coaching is included with all Programs. Workout types include Dance (including Bollywood), Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Core strengthening and conditioning.

Schedule your first complimentary session here so you can start feeling your Best!


Fitness program for businesses to encourage a more productive culture where employees can have the benefit of a comprehensive fitness program at their workplace. Includes weekly or monthly classes, wellness & nutrition guidance education seminars.

Youth Fitness Programs



Start them young! And one of the best ways is by showing them how fitness can be fun through Dance. After school fitness program is designed to teach kids to enjoy dancing as a skill, art, fitness but most of all fun! The Dance program is inspired by fitness dance forms such as Zumba®, Bollywood, Hip Hop and more. All choreography and steps are age appropriate to kid-friendly music.

Kids learn also how to choreograph by learning the structure of dance and music. The Dance Party at the end of the semester is where the kids showcase what they learned for friends and family. Classes are held at your school facility or another facility designated by your school.

Pricing is based on the specific request by your school / organization. Please submit your request and we will take care of all the details.



This Dance Fitness program for Kids 5 - 12 years old is inspired by fitness dance formats such as Zumba®, Bollywood, Hip Hop and more. All choreography and steps are age appropriate to kid-friendly music. Each session is 2 weeks long, with a Dance Party at the end of each session, where Kids will do a showcase performance for family and friends.

Only $200 per two-week session. Each session is Monday through Friday.

1 – 3 PM. Starts Monday, June 24th.

Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis Club
18018 Voss Rd.
Dallas, TX 75287